**Boston & District 04-07.01.2018 Saturday 6th January No Classes
MANCHESTER 18-21.01.2018 Thursday 18th January Dr Ron James
CRUFTS 08-11.03.2018 Friday 09th March Jeff Horswell
HOUND ASSOCIATION OF SCOTLAND 14.04.2018 Saturday 14th April Dianna Spavin
**W.E.L.K.S. 27-29.04.2018 Saturday 28th April No Classes
BIRMINGHAM NATIONAL 10-13.05.2018 Friday 11th May Gerard Jipping #
SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB (May) 18-20.05.2018 Sunday 20th May Albert Wight
**Bath 25-28.05.2018 Monday 28th May Mr R P Bott
SOUTHERN COUNTIES 01-03.06.2018 Friday 01st June Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finland)
**Three Counties 07-10.06.2018 Saturday 09th June No Classes
**Border Union 16-17.06.2018 Sunday 17th June No Classes
BLACKPOOL 22-24.06.2018 Saturday 23rd June Pam Marston-Pollock
WINDSOR 28.06-01.07.2018 Thursday 28th June Paula Steele (Akmar)
EAST OF ENGLAND 06-08.07.2018 Friday 06th July S. Wilberg
HOUND ASSOCIATION 14.07.2018 Saturday 14th July Bernadette Stoneham
BASENJI CLUB OF GREAT BRITAIN 14.07.2018 Saturday 14th July Dan Ericsson (Sweden)
**Leeds 27-29.07.2018 Saturday 28th July Julien Barney
**Paignton 04-07.08.2018 Sunday 05th August no classes
NORTHERN BASENJI SOCIETY 05.08.2018 Sunday 05th August Danny Cullen
BOURNEMOUTH 11-13.08.2018 Sunday 12th August Glen Dymock (Afrika)
WELSH KENNEL CLUB 17-19.08.2018 Friday 17th August Keith Pursglove
**S.K.C.(August) 25-26.08.2018 Saturday 25th August
**Birmingham City 31.08-02,09 2018 Friday 31st August Mr M Morse
RICHMOND 07-09.09.2018 Friday 07th September Sharon Thompson (Kiamera)
**Darlington 14-16.09.2018 Friday 14th September Mrs R Wray
**Driffield 20-23.09.2018 Saturday 22nd September No Classes
BASENJI OWNERS & BREEDERS ASSOCIATION 07.10.2018 Sunday 7th October Sharon Sargent (Keriquel)
**South Wales 05-07.10.2018 Saturday 06th October Chris Pascoe
**Midland Counties 26-28.10.2018 Friday 26th October
LADIES KENNEL ASSOCIATION 15-16.12.2018 Sunday 16th December

Judges marked with a # are giving Challenge Certificates for the first time at this show.
There are no Challenge Certificates and may not even be classes at all for Basenjis at the shows marked **

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