Keeping Basenjis (and other Breeds)
Warm In Winter

and helping Basenji Rescue

All proceeds go to the Basenji Rescue Fund
(also advertised on e-Bay)

by Sally Wallis

Riley Relaxed

We** hand-crochet sweaters in machine-washable wool (so they keep their shape better) and work all sizes from 10 inches on up to 26 inches (the bigger ones cost more because they weigh heavier for postage and take more wool)

Basenji sizes are stock-piled, we have a few Whippet sizes available and anything can be made to order

Colours depend on what we have been given - you can request but there is no guarantee we will have it

When ordering, please let me know length along back (base of neck to tail), round the tum/brisket at deepest point, and around the neck


You can see why prices have to be increased for these sizes ! They seem to eat up the (donated) wool too quickly, take longer to crochet and cost more to post !


This old lady's owner specifically asked for something RED !


We are hoping for photos of these custom-made Chihuahua sweaters actually being modeled - for inclusion along with others keeping a Jack Russell Terrier and a Chinese Crested warm !

A Pug with Attitude

But we do have pictures of 'Spike' - a PROUD (and warm) Pug

An Elderly Basenji

Linda Stilwell in Oklahoma has a stock-pile of Basenji sizes which she will be hoping to sell for us this winter at Lure-Coursing events in her neck of the woods.

You can collect a sweater direct from her if you give her warning !

Three of Linda's 'Models' can be seen next -

3 Silwell Models


Puppies like these sweaters - and if breeders were to persuade new owners to buy one, we'd have a captive market for years ahead ! Puppy (first winter) sweaters are aleady stock-piled

Email me for quotations on all sizes -
I have stockpiles and can email photos of available sweaters

The cheapest place to buy these sweaters will always be at UK Club Shows but UK people can also order by email post or telephone and send a sterling cheque.

I accept PayPal
Sally Wallis (

Basenjis in need of Rescue and Rehoming are the sole Beneficiaries !

**'We' = me and Dorothy Hooley, without whose help I couldn't hope to offer these sweaters !

You can see a gallery of 'Dogs we have Dressed' by clicking More Sweaters

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